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Retro calculator

This tool was updated for the recently-approved 2012 contract in part due to funds provided by F.O.P. Chicago Lodge 7.

Caution: This calculator is just a rough estimate of the money one might expect to receive in a retro check, so don't go out and buy that new car just yet. We are not accountants.

Raise proposal information was obtained from the Chicago F.O.P.'s website.
Salary information was obtained from Department Form CPD-61.400 - 2014 Position & Salary Schedule.

If you come across any errors, please let us know!

Your title and pay grade.
E.g., 30-Jan-2015
Your seniority date.
E.g., 30-Jan-2015
The date retro calculations should stop at, which defaults to 30-NOV-2014. You should only change this if you left the job between 01-JUL-2012 and today.
Your health insurance coverage type.
Overtime hours
Enter as straight time for each year. Please note: retroactive pay does not apply to any overtime worked between 01-JUL-2012 and 30-JUN-2013, so do not enter it here. The only exception to this is compensatory time cashed out by retirees during this timeframe.